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Dunlop Purofort C462933

Dunlop Purofort C462933

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Safety Category : S5
Marking Code : CI+SRC

  • Midsole
  • Toe Protection
  • Insulation against cold
  • Slip resistant
  • Waterproof

The original Purofort boot. With its thermal insulation to -20C this boot offers all the features of Purofort: shock absorption, durability and light weight.

  • Lightweight for minimizing foot fatigue
  • Flexible and supple for retaining ease of movement
  • Tear and wear resistant shaft for assuring a long lifetime
  • Slip resistant design for assuring safe working conditions
  • S5 rated with steel toecap and midsole for protection against penetrating and falling objects
  • Oil resistant, SRC rated outsole for perfect grip
  • Resistant to Oils, Fats, Disinfectants and other Various Chemicals
  • Conforms to S5-CI-SRC Safety Rating
  • Extremely dirt repellent and easy to clean profile for maximum control while walking
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